Lowrey Virtual Orchestra

Learn to Play the Lowrey EZ Way! 

Evola Music in partnership with the Lowrey Company, proudly offers the Lowrey Music Program and Virtual Orchestra Instruments! These instruments streamline the learning process by assisting you using well known songs in EZ play mode. You start making music your very first day! They are perfect for beginners who have never played a keyboard instrument in their lives!

Lowrey Magic Program and Virtual Orchestra Instruments at Evola Music

Evola Music is proud to represent the Lowrey Magic program and Virtual Orchestra instruments! For the complete novice with no prior music experience or those who learned as a child, anyone can learn to play the Lowrey EZ way! While you learn, you’ll maintain your health and wellness, enjoy a new hobby, and make new friends. You will also enjoy a variety of concerts and special events throughout the year.

As a full-service Lowrey dealer for over 50 years, Evola Music employs a highly trained staff of instructors who are experts in the features and operation of the exciting Lowrey Virtual Orchestra instruments. The new Lowrey Magic music series is designed for active retirees of all ages.

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