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 Bösendorfer Pianos

At Bloomfield Hills location only.

Made famous by the virtuoso mastery of Franz Liszt and his timeless compositions, Bösendorfer changed the way people thought about pianos. In the 1800’s, many people believed that music was only appropriate for small social gatherings. The quality of Bösendorfer pianos helped expand the prominence of the instrument to concerts and mass celebrations.

Handcrafted Pianos from Austria 

When you see a Bösendorfer piano, you are witnessing the combined effort of over a year of artisanal work.  The care Bösendorfer engineers and skilled workers take in the creation of each piano limits the manufacturing to close to 300 instruments per year.  

Bösendorfer pianos are an investment whose value extends beyond one generation.  The one manufacturer that installs a detachable Capo d'Astro in the upper register is Bösendorfer.  This decision allows adjustments in the upper register of these pianos to have the most accurate corrections through the instrument's life.  Their approach of installing detachable Capo d'Astro ensures the company can guarantee your original Bösendorfer.  

Choose between Grand Uprights, Grand, or Concert Grands and you will still play an instrument crafted with care and attention to detail by the dedicated team of Bösendorfer artisans. 

The Background of Production 

Building on the Viennese tradition of crafting world-class instruments, Bösendorfer considers not only the type and shape of components that go into one of these pianos but the material that makes up each piece.

Bucking the conventions set by other manufacturers, Bösendorfer focuses on using spruce. Bösendorfer pianos contain more than 80% of this ideal wood for instruments. The spruce within the piano comes alive when a performer strikes a note, causing the complete resonating body of the instrument to project your music.

The refined sound quality produced by Bösendorfer pianos stands ready for any space from the orchestra hall to a private home. Bösendorfer master craftsmen have taken care of each internal component, so only space where it sits limits the scope of its sound projection.

New Ownership 

The Japanese company Yamaha acquired Bösendorfer in 2008. Don’t worry, Bösendorfer still operates as an independent Austrian factory, meaning all product developments and newly engineered components come out of their own facility and are handled by their Austrian team.

To this day, Bösendorfer continues to produce handcrafted pianos where it all began just outside Vienna in Wiener Neustadt.

Today, Bösendorfer pianos continue to grow the love of music with each generation. Evola Music Center is proud to join in that mission by offering a comprehensive selection of new and pre-owned models to match your artistic aspirations.

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