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Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos

At Bloomfield Hills and Canton locations only.

Following the passing of his father and founder of the family company, Koichi Kawai, Shigeru Kawai continued his father's legacy with a relentless passion for creating quality musical instruments. That mission is evidence at the Shigeru Kawai Research & Development Laboratory, where expert piano technicians craft some of the industry's most respect works of art.

Naming a Masterpiece

Shigeru Kawai broke with Japanese tradition by adding his first and last name to a product, a practice placing the responsibility on the individual. His line of instruments, the Shigeru Kawai grand pianos became a symbol of his passion for craftsmanship and his most significant step toward building the highest quality piano the world has ever seen.

Shigeru Kawai grand pianos feature:

  • Concert agraffes
  • Konsei Katagi Rim
  • All-Spruce Beams
  • Boxwood Bridge Caps
  • Dual-Pivot Dampers
  • Temaki Bass Strings
  • Shiko Seion Hammers
  • Extended Keysticks
  • Concert-Length Key Buttons
  • Stretcher Over-Lap Integrated Design
  • Millenium III Action

Each of these elegant design components combines to form an instrument capable of producing precise music as an extension of the musician’s will.

Legacy of an Inventive Genius 

Over a century ago, a small village held the humble beginnings of Koichi Kawai, the man that would first make a reed instrument, and then to designing and building the first piano action in Japan. His passion for producing the finest piano ignited legacy of purpose in his son, Shigeru Kawai. Shigeru labored in all areas of the piano manufacturing before working directly with his father to hone his devotion to innovation.

Shigeru Kawai pianos embody the dedication of their namesake. When you lay your hands on a Shigeru Kawai or even listen to the notes resonating from this powerful instrument, you experience the fruition of thousands of hours of focused crafting and generations of invention.

Evola Music Center connects you to Kawai grand pianos, as well as trained piano experts who can explain the unique characteristics and features of each model. Stop into Evola today to see, touch, and experience one of these world-class instruments today.

To see and play a Shigeru Kawai Piano, visit our showrooms in Bloomfield Hills or Canton. To audition of these Shigeru Kawai Instruments at our Traverse City store, call 248-334-0566.
 Begin your music discovery with the incomparable Shigeru Kawai pianos!

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