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Even after hundreds of years, the piano remains a cornerstone of our musical heritage. Whether you are an experienced pianist, beginner, or simply enjoy the piano’s timeless sound – you can improve your skills and share your love of music with the most important people in your life. Evola Music offers a wide variety of new, used, reconditioned and rebuilt pianos, as well as rental and clearance piano bargains, in many styles. Our knowledgeable staff, many of whom are skilled pianists in their own right, look forward to helping you find the perfect piano for your family!

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Playing the piano has been shown to have a variety of benefits for people of all ages.  Children who play piano perform better academically, create stronger emotional connections, and develop other creative skills at an advanced rate.  For seniors, the piano is a perfect avenue for staying active and forging lasting relationships in their community.  The Evola School of Music helps aspiring pianists of all ages and backgrounds learn new skills and cultivate an appreciation for this art form!  

Piano Lessons

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As one of the most prized possessions in your home, your piano requires routine maintenance and proper handling when being moved. Evola Music’s professional moving crews share your respect for your instrument. That’s why Evola Music's trained staff moves your piano in complete safety.  We also own all of our moving trucks, assuring a timely delivery.  To retain the sound quality, proper functionality and reliability of your piano, Evola Music employs Registered Piano Technicians (RPTs) who are members of the Piano Technicians Guild. They can prepare your piano to perform with its best tone and touch! 

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……With its large selection of pianos and other instruments, friendly workers, and a great musical atmosphere, I find it hard to leave the store! Paula K. Sterling Heights
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