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Church Organs and Organ Lessons

Organ music is synonymous with religious gatherings, sporting events, and many other social events – facts that illustrate the diverse range of emotions this instrument evokes. If you or a loved one are looking to stay active, make new friends, and develop your musical skills, a new organ or pre-owned organ introduces you to many rewarding discoveries.

Evola Music Center locations offer a comprehensive selection of church organs that combine the rich, timeless sounds of this instrument with the newest technological innovations. Stop by one of our locations in Metro Detroit to sit-down at an instrument today!

Experience Allen Church Organs

Few instruments create a more recognizable sound than that of a church organ. That’s why many organists and musicians choose the Allen Church Organ for their strikingly realistic sounds. Along with their distinctive sounds, Allen organs exude elegance through their exquisite cabinetry designs. Evola Music both sells and services these popular models. At an Evola location, you can also talk with a knowledgeable staff member and experience Allen’s quality for yourself!

Previously Owned Organs from Allen & Other Reputable Brands

Evola Music sells previously owned organs that have been carefully inspected and serviced by our expert technicians. These examinations include the electro-mechanical components, tone settings, and structural integrity of the organ’s cabinet. This care and attention to detail prevents irreparable organs from entering the Evola Music used organ inventory.  Investing in a used organ is a cost-effective way to explore the many benefits of playing the organ.

Lowrey Virtual Orchestra and Music Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to make new friends in an enriching environment! Evola Music is committed to sharing the magic of music with people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. That’s why we offer adult music lessons in all of our locations.

From echoing church cathedrals to attending baseball games in the summer sun, some of our fondest activities are complemented by the timeless sounds of the organ. Over the last few years, adults and senior have begun playing organ for themselves, especially as an avenue to remain active and retain cognitive abilities as they age. In addition to a diverse inventory of organs from Allen and many other industry leaders, Evola Music employs instructors who can teach you how to play your new or previously owned instrument. Evola Music is proud to represent the Lowrey Magic program and Virtual Orchestra instruments!

The Lowrey Virtual Orchestra and Lowrey Magic program was developed with aspiring, senior music makers in mind! Evola Music employs highly trained instructors who have years of combined experience in teaching the unique capabilities of the Lowrey Virtual Orchestra instrument. These experts introduce you to Lowrey specialized organs that guide students through the foundational steps to becoming a budding musician!

Regardless of whether age has impacted your hand-eye coordination, you can still have a meaningful, fun experience when learning to play music. In addition to discovering your new skills, you’ll also have opportunities to make new friends through our interaction classes that encourage collaboration. Along with making new social connections, Evola Music's lessons can lead to a wealth of cognitive and physical benefits by engaging your mind and body.

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