Preparing for Your First Lesson

Whether you’re enrolling your youngest child, yourself, or your grandmother in music lessons (you’re never too old to learn to music, trust us), there are some things you should know about your first music lesson. Your first lesson, no matter the instrument or setting, is exciting. Even if you’re registered for a group lesson versus a private lesson, you should come prepared to learn a lot and have tons of fun. Here are some great tips on how to prepare for your first lesson so you get the most out of it.

  • Bring Questions! Teachers love questions, and they love students who ask them. Plus, any music teacher is happy to have a reason to talk more about their instrument. Brainstorm a list of questions and make sure to jot them down to give to your teacher either before or after your lesson.
  • Speaking of bringing items to your lesson, make sure you have everything, including your instrument (unless you’re starting piano lessons)! Contact your teacher if you should bring your instrument, sheet music or just yourself on the first day.
  • Communicate your goals and expectations with your teacher. That way your lessons will be as effective as possible!

If your child is starting music lessons for the first time, consider some of these tips before their first lesson.

  • Make sure your child knows their alphabet from A to G and back again. These letters make up the musical alphabet, and if your child understands that order of letters you’re ahead of the music lesson game.
  • Set up a practice area for your child somewhere in the house beforehand. Let them get comfortable with their instrument before their first lesson as well. Once they realize music can be integrated and easily practiced in everyday life, they’ll be more willing to practice every day. On that same note, make sure their practice space is not lonely or isolated. Hiding a practice space communicates that music is separate from everyday life.
  • Set aside time to discover new and exciting things about music with your child. After all, music is fun to make as well as listen to, both for you and your child!

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of ideas on how to prepare for your first music lesson, but it is a great start. Contact your local Evola Music if you have any questions about music, and Play On!

Music lessons are a wonderful, educational addition to anyone's life, but you have to come prepared!

Music lessons are a wonderful, educational addition to anyone’s life, but you have to come prepared!