Benefits of Your Child Learning an Instrument

Choosing the best Activities for your children is not an easy task. Between sports, clubs, games, crafts, and more, the ways your child can spend their time seems wide open. But what will give them the tools to be successful, proud of themselves, and fun? In this post, we will make a case for your child to learn an instrument.

Benefits of Your Child Learning an Instrument

Increases Memory

When a young person begins playing an instrument, they practice creating and accessing memories. The more they play, the more they tap into the ability to remember. Playing an instrument exercises the brain - a much stronger use of their mind than passively watching a show.

Increases Social Skills

Group music classes force children to create by working together. They need to develop communication skills to achieve their team goals. If one person plays too loud or soft, off tempo, or at the wrong speed, the entire performance will not come together. As their social skills develop, their achievements will develop.

Refines Discipline and Patience

We live in an instant gratification society. With on-demand media and merchandise available at a click, why would a child wait for something good to happen when they can have it now? The most valuable experiences come from delayed gratification. Perfecting the use of an instrument takes years to learn. Even in the beginning, a student will typically need to practice for hours over months to produce good music. A child’s efforts pay off the more focused they become. An ensemble also helps a student practice patience as they must wait for their turn.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Through turning negative feedback into growth in their ability, a child builds self-confidence. Group classes are particularly useful to show that everyone has room to improve. Children also build confidence by setting and achieving goals. The more they perform, the more capable they feel - a feeling that transfers to many other areas of their life.

Introduces New Cultures

By playing or even learning about new instruments, a student can learn about where the instrument originates. Some instruments such as the bongos are more specific whereas others like the piano or violin have uses in many different cultures. The more history and cultures your child can tap into at a young age help them connect to an open-minded perspective.

Since 1931, Evola Music has brought musical opportunities to families in the Metro Detroit area. Whether your child needs a new piano teacher, wants to begin lessons, or is ready for their new instrument, we have you covered. Come into one of our showrooms today!

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